At Wunderman Thompson, we believe that inclusive design is better design.

As marketing leaders, we must look beyond the conventional and see the world differently. At Wunderman Thompson, we’ve put inclusive thinking at the heart of our business – not only is it the right thing to do, but it drives growth for our clients.

We are committed to building a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace where everyone feels welcomed, valued and is treated with dignity and respect. We’re committed to helping clients design inclusive experiences and products for people with disabilities and underserved communities – groups that have often been ignored by marketers.

We believe this commitment inspires growth and delivers equitable outcomes for everyone. This is how we raise the creative bar, gain a competitive advantage and create a more inclusive world.

Our Inclusive Experience Practice

Wunderman Thompson is the first agency to build an Inclusive Experience Practice. It is based on the three core principles of inclusive design: recognizing exclusion, learning from diversity, and solving for one and extending to many.

Recognize exclusion. Exclusion occurs when we use our own biases to solve problems. Inclusion requires us to consider the widest possible set of capabilities of people who might be using a product or service.

Learn from diversity. In designing for people with disabilities, we need to recognize that a key feature of their daily lives is adaption. As a result, we do not design for limitations but rather for people who can adapt to new situations. That way we can unlock the true potential of the design and the people it is intended to serve.

Solve for one, extend to many. Inclusive experience focuses on what’s universally important to all humans. If you create a solution that works well for someone who cannot hear, you might be surprised to find out that it also increases productivity and improves the lives of people who can. A simple example might be a self-driving car. A self-driving car would enable a blind person to increase her mobility, but it would also likely be safer and more convenient for every human.

Raising the Inclusive Bar

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As part of our ongoing commitment, Wunderman Thompson partnered with Microsoft to launch an Inclusive Design Lab that leverages the creativity of WT and the technical prowess of Microsoft Technology to help partners reach and be relevant to the widest market possible by making their communications, products and services inclusive and accessible.

Our lab functions as a collaborative group of multidisciplinary makers fuelled by our desire to create a more inclusive and innovative future. Our award-winning methodology uses a human-centered approach to innovation that draws on the full range of human diversity, the future of technology, and the requirements for business success.

Leading by Example

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We are also pleased to announce that all Wunderman Thompson employees across our global network will take the Microsoft Accessibility Fundamentals training and become AiA badged.

This is an important step forward that will ensure that everyone at Wunderman Thompson has the right kind of knowledge and can implement the necessary standards for clients.

Our Inclusive Experience Work

Inclusive experience is Wunderman Thompson’s design methodology of choice because we believe it leads to growth for brands. We will operationalize this throughout the agency, which includes starting discussions with our clients and providing learning opportunities for our employees. In addition, we partner with inclusively to increase the number of people with disabilities at Wunderman Thompson.

See below for a selection of Wunderman Thompson inclusive-experience work.

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